wedding photography

                                          Contract Agreement

A. Photographer has agreed to be at my wedding at set time and give me package under our agreement at time of booking.
I have agreed to purchase Package ____________________________________________________________________________________

B. I understand that photographer cannot promise any certain shots because of fast pace movement of wedding or agree to any certain shot because of lighting conditions, restrictions by minister or family members wishing to take pictures that may cause over exposure from several flashes.

C.Photographer has agreed to take best shots possible and understand by doing so requires effort on my part also.
If I request my photographer to arrive at a set time to photograph group shots it is my responsibility to see that my wedding party is there and fully dressed to take those shots.
Because of limited time those who are not there at set time may not have the opportunity to take those shots.

D. I also understand that my photographer does not recommend that all shots be taken on the alter because of lighting conditions and sometimes limited space for large groups.
I also understand that if I chose to take all group shots on the alter this may go agains't photographers advice and my photographer cannot be responsible for those shots.

E. I understand that my retainer fee will go towards my package price but is non refundable if cancellation on my part occurs.
My remaining balance shall be due two weeks before my wedding date. Failure to pay remaining balance before my wedding
releases photographer from any obligations to photograph my  wedding and my retainer fee will not be refunded.

F. It is my responsibility to keep my photographer updated on any changes made to venue locations...time changes ect.

G.I understand that I have ten days from the date I receive my dvd and pictures to contact my photographer with any problems should any occur. After ten days of confirmation delivery my account will be closed. Once my cd or dvd with pictures is released to me I may print as many additional prints or enlargements from that dvd or cd at my own expense. My photographer cannot be held responsible for any prints made by home computer or commercial  labs of my chose. The only prints my photographer is responsible for are those printed by their services.

H.I also understand that my photographer will take at least a 20 minute break during the time that everyone is eating at the reception. This gives my photographer time to regroup and charge batteries ect at this time.

I.In conclusion ....I understand that if for some reason my photographer cannot attend my wedding because of unforseen circumstances such as serious illness or natural disasters beyond photographers control my money will be promptly returned or another photographer will be assigned.